Epoxy Flooring Malaysia

Reliable, durable, and perfect for all-around epoxy flooring. These are the qualities that make epoxy flooring a highly popular option among interior designers, contractors, and homeowners.

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Best Epoxy Flooring Supplier in Malaysia

There has been an increasing demand in the industry for epoxy flooring in Malaysia these past few years. And Flooring HQ has consistently ranked as one of the most trusted providers in the country. We are committed to our goal of delivering quality products and services to all our clients. 

Flooring HQ’s mission is to keep customers satisfied with affordable, yet top quality products and services. We take great pride in the capabilities of our experts, because not only are they approachable and readily available at all times, they can cater to your needs and easily find you the epoxy flooring that you require for your home/ office modeling project.

With our wide and diverse collection of epoxy flooring, we take into consideration your exact needs and provide you with the most suitable options. 

We are flexible, approachable, and easy to communicate with, which makes the experience of choosing flooring easier for you. We promise to be efficient, transparent, and accommodating.

Whatever you seek – whether it is pure epoxy to epoxy acrylates – we offer the most affordable prices for top-quality epoxy flooring.

P.S. Want to know about about Epoxy Flooring? Here’s a guide about the pros and cons of epoxy flooring.

Epoxy Flooring

Why Choose Us as Your Epoxy Flooring Contractors?

Epoxy flooring is one of the most durable kinds of flooring, making it perfect for industrial settings. It is chemical-resistant and scratch-resistant and can be applied in any color of your choice. It can also be adjusted and modified according to its purpose, thicker for industrial warehouses, or thinner for car park applications. 

However, deciding on epoxy flooring is no easy choice. There are many factors you need to consider; and our personnel can help make sure that you do not overlook any critical concerns. 

To make sure that you achieve the goal you have in mind, our experts and consultants are readily available to answer your queries. Take the first step now and contact us!

Types Of Epoxy Flooring in Malaysia

Epoxy Car Park Flooring

Epoxy Car Park Flooring

Low maintenance and fast application, this type of epoxy promises durability and is resistant to regular wear and tear. It offers the best protection and traction for vehicles and is easily maintained. 

Aside from selling epoxy flooring for car parks, Flooring HQ can help design, build, repair, and maintain car park flooring. Read through our site for more info!

Commercial Epoxy

Commercial Epoxy

Commercial epoxy is a versatile material that finds its greatest use in industrial, commercial, and home applications. They can be applied in different thicknesses, elasticity, and hardness, depending on where you place them.

These are recommended for areas where there is high and heavy foot traffic like docking areas.

Epoxy Industry Flooring

Epoxy Industry Flooring

Quite thicker than normal epoxy floorings, this is more suited for businesses and industries that see more heavy wear and tear.

It protects the floor from the daily “abuse” of equipment and machines.

Why Choose Us as Your Epoxy Flooring Contractors?

Flooring HQ offers a wide spread of products and services, and our supply of epoxy flooring is not only of the highest of quality, but it is also the most cost-efficient.

Our epoxy flooring is extremely resistant to damage and is low maintenance.

When it comes to choosing which type of epoxy is best for your flooring,  our experts are well-versed and can help match the perfect flooring with your needs. Our contractors are approachable and well-informed about the application of epoxy flooring, so they can clarify any of your concerns. 

With every year, the demand for epoxy flooring continues to increase, and along with it are more and more suppliers. It’s difficult to find and choose a supplier that you can trust and who can assure you quality service. 

Being one of the leaders in the supply of epoxy flooring, Flooring HQ has the experience and expertise to help you in whatever concern -from choosing the design to advising which type is most suited for your home/ office/ warehouse. 

From consultation to matching, to installation, we will be right by your side at every step of the way.

Epoxy Flooring Malaysia

FAQs About Epoxy Flooring in Malaysia

What is epoxy flooring?

It is a type of material -a mixture of resin and hardening chemicals – that is poured over concrete floors. It hardens over the course of a few days. Its solid finish is what makes this type of flooring strong and resistant to many kinds of chemicals and damage. 

How long will epoxy floor coating last?

Our contractors are professionals and have perfected the craft of epoxy flooring, guaranteeing that the applied flooring can last up to 30 years and even longer.

Can you do epoxy flooring yourself?

Yes, this is quite possible, but there are many specific and exacting steps that need to be taken to ensure a long-lasting coat of epoxy flooring. It requires the contractor to be careful and concise in the mixing. Any imbalance can have disastrous results. Thus, when it comes to the application of epoxy flooring, leave it to the professionals like Flooring HQ, who have perfected the technique and are knowledgeable about the proper applications. You’re guaranteed perfect results

Are epoxy floors slippery?

Surprisingly, it isn’t! Epoxy flooring is not slippery despite its appearance. A skid-resistant additive is usually added to the topcoat to ensure safety even if it’s wet. Without this additive though, epoxy floorings can be slippery especially when if oil and the like are spilled. 

Is epoxy flooring good?

This type of flooring is extremely resistant when it comes to damage. This is resistant to a majority of chemical cleaners, gasses, oils and transmission fluids, and other industrial chemicals. It is also incredibly resistant to high levels of heat and water/ moisture, making it durable and very long-lasting.

What is best to use on laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring requires very little maintenance, but there are a few tips that can help one maintain the aesthetic value and the practical value of these planks.

  • Since laminate flooring already has a sheen on its own, it’s highly recommended not to use anything that promotes shine or wax.
  • Soft-bristled brooms and vacuum attachments are the way to go.
  • Damp mops or steam mops, because it lessens the possibility of water seeping into the crevices.
  • Only hot water and dish soap are the key essentials in cleaning laminate floorings.

Can laminate flooring be relaid?

Yes, the process of removing laminate flooring is extremely straightforward, which makes it an easy and a convenient choice for home projects and renovations. It only requires simple tools, gentle hands, and careful handling.

    Can I use carpet underlay for laminate flooring?

    Sadly, no. Carpet underlays are too thick and it will cause the locking system of the laminate flooring to deteriorate, which will inevitably do harm in the long run.

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