5 Myths About Laminate Flooring

Myths About Laminate Flooring

Though laminate flooring has been around for a while now, people are still unsure about using it in their homes. The idea of a floor that is both durable and beautiful may seem too good to be true, but laminate flooring is very, very real!

Maybe because of how strong and chic laminate floors are, there have been myths and misconceptions about it.

These days laminate flooring has come to even look as real as wood floors, and because of that many homeowners have been discouraged to install it in their homes! Let’s take a closer look at these silly myths about laminate flooring that every homeowner needs to know when searching for the perfect flooring.

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Myth 1: Laminate Flooring Looks Cheap

Because of the amazing technology and innovation, the days wherein laminate flooring looked cheap and artificial are long gone! Older laminate flooring may seem overly synthetic, but the modern ones are far different.

Nowadays, laminate floorings come in a variety of textures, colorings, and designs. Because of the expanded range provided by the new technology, you can be assured that you’ll find the perfect type of laminate flooring for your dream home!

Myth 2: Laminate flooring is not durable

Homeowners have been saying laminate flooring isn’t durable and is flimsy when exposed to too much foot traffic. But that really isn’t the case! Each laminate flooring consists of four layers that add to its durability and strength.

In order to maintain the beautiful and chic look of laminate floors, all you need to do is to regularly maintain it. Laminate flooring isn’t that hard to take care of, it’s as simple as vacuuming it with caution and sweeping the floors. Using wet mops or steam mops can cause swelling and warping because of excessive moisture, so it is best to use a dry cloth to clean up spills immediately after.

Myth 3: Laminate flooring is expensive

With laminate flooring, your floors will look chic, stylish, and beautiful all while being strong and durable. Because of all the amazing benefits, laminate flooring can offer, a common misconception is that laminate floors are expensive.

Laminate floors are actually very cost-effective, especially when compared to real wooded floors and varieties of carpet and tile flooring.

Myth 4: Laminate flooring is the same as vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring and laminate flooring are certainly both artificial types of flooring, but they are actually very different and it is easy to spot their differences! Laminate flooring has a fireboard core that is topped with a design and wear layer, while vinyl flooring has a more flexible core that is designed to be water-resistant.

The reason why laminate flooring is not recommended to be installed in bathrooms and kitchens is that it is sensitive to moisture which can cause damage!

Myth 5: Laminate flooring is hard to maintain

Laminate floors may seem hard to clean or too time-consuming to maintain, but that is far from the truth. Laminate flooring is actually tightly installed, which means the gaps between each tile is very small. Because of this reason, dirt and debris can’t settle between your floors easily.

Remember that laminate flooring should not be cleaned like wood floors. Doing so may cause damage to your floors. Instead, use a broom or a dust mop to clean the debris and dirt. Periodically use a damp mop or cloth instead of a wet mop to wipe your floors to ensure that they are clean and spotless!

When using a vacuum on your laminate floors, be wary of scuffs and scratches because the heavy plastic of some vacuums is known to damage the looks of vinyl floors.

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Wrapping It Up

If you’ve been thinking of installing laminate floors, let these clarifications encourage you to try. Now, you have a crystal clear understanding of what is true and what is false about laminate floors.

If you still have concerns about laminate floorings and would like to know more, call Flooring HQ. We can provide you with all the answers, and you can get a FREE quote, too!