Pros and Cons of Laminate Flooring

Pros And Cons Of Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors are known for being inexpensive yet attractive and durable. Though it imitates the look and the feel of wood quite well, it is relatively cheaper than most wood floorings. Typically, laminate floors are used for areas of the home where people often gather like the kitchen, living room, and dining room. Due to its composition, laminate floors are not used in bathrooms and kitchens where there can be a lot of moisture. 

If you love the look of hardwood floorings but are trying to be more budget-wise, laminate floorings are a cost-effective option.

If you’re thinking about installing laminate flooring in your new home, then here are the pros and cons you need to consider before you jump into that decision. 

There are many pros laminate flooring can offer, here are some that really stand out.

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Pros Of Laminate Flooring

  • Laminate flooring is easy to install

You can install laminate flooring yourself since there’s no need for nails. (However, to achieve a flawless look and to ensure no mistakes are made, it’s best to leave the installing to the experts like Flooring HQ.).

Keep in mind that before doing any installation yourself, it is important to research your specific type of laminate flooring and to clarify any concerns with the supplier of your laminate flooring.

  • Easy to match with overall interior design

Since laminate flooring looks very similar to wood flooring, it is very easy to style as it complements most furniture. Good quality laminate floors give you endless options. Whether you’re going for a minimalist-modern interior, boho chic vibe, or a look of a cozy chalet, these beautiful and sleek laminate floors are easy to mix and match.

  • Scratch-resistant and durable

As mentioned before, laminate flooring isn’t only beautiful but also very durable! When you have kids who play with toys on the floor or pets who like to run around, laminate flooring is perfect in the way that it is scratch-resistant. In addition, the tough outer layer of laminate floors makes cleanup of spills easy.

Toys and your pet’s nails usually scratch and damage other floors but with laminate flooring, you can be free of your worries. Not only is laminate flooring resistant to scratches, but also to high impacts and stains. And it doesn’t fade as easily as other floors. Immediate cleanup of spills and substances that can cause moisture build-up is a good way to keep your laminate flooring in its best condition!

Like every good thing to exist, laminate flooring also has its own set of disadvantages. Here are some key points to consider.

Cons Of Laminate Flooring

  • Laminate floors are not waterproof

Laminate floors may be cheaper than wood, but water damage due to laminate flooring can turn into a hefty bill. Laminate floors are susceptible to moisture damage which makes them not suitable for bathrooms and laundry rooms. Once laminate flooring is exposed to moisture and water, it starts to expand which can cause damage to surrounding pieces of flooring.

  • Can’t refinish laminate flooring like wood flooring

Yes, laminate flooring is durable and a good substitute for wood. But unlike wood, you can’t refinish laminate floors. Once laminate flooring ages, it will start looking worn and it will show signs of damage over time. Because you can’t refinish laminate flooring like wood, you will need to re-install new laminate flooring. In these cases, you can either keep extra laminate flooring or you may have to replace the entire flooring of the space.

  • It is still synthetic

Keep in mind that laminate flooring may look real, but it is still synthetic and thus may lack the certain texture and “feel” you seek from real wood. This is especially important when picking out the laminate floors you want for your house. 

Some laminate floors may look too artificial and have a different feel to it when you’re walking on them. Make sure you’re ok with covering your entire space with this type of flooring before committing to it. 

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Choosing and designing your home is certainly exciting. But before you make any big commitment, feel free to seek the opinions of the experts like Flooring HQ, who can answer all your questions about laminate flooring.