Laminate Flooring Trends

Laminate Flooring Trends

There’s a reason why laminate flooring is the go-to choice for alternatives to real wood floors. Laminate flooring offers beautiful designs at affordable pricing, and it’s easier to achieve the look of real wood. Because of its durability and versatility, homeowners can mix and match to achieve the look that they’re going for with their interiors

Here are some exciting trends for this year that you may want to try for your next home project.

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1. Waterproof Laminate Flooring

waterproof laminate flooring

One of laminate flooring’s major weak points is that it can easily be damaged by moisture. But with waterproof laminate, you can say goodbye to that concern. To clarify, it’s not as waterproof as vinyl or tile, but it is certainly a step up from your traditional laminate flooring.

Not only is it a great upgrade from the classic laminate, but it also wonderfully mimics the look of solid hardwood. Achieve the same “warmth” and beautiful textures for your home with easy-to-install laminate flooring.

2. Gray Laminate Flooring

gray laminate flooring

Gray laminate flooring seems to be one of the many styles people are loving and living for. Though not necessarily new, gray laminate flooring has continued to grow stronger in recent years. Gray laminate floors have a wide range of colors that can be matched with many types of furniture/ decor and aesthetics – from modern and sleek to even bohemian, gray laminate floors are that versatile!

Gray laminate flooring looks cool and sophisticated, so naturally, homeowners have leaned towards this style of flooring. You could never go wrong with a beautiful gray laminate floor.

3. Diverse Shades and Textures Of Laminate Flooring

Because of technology, laminate flooring now comes in more diverse shades, which can give you an even more realistic look of wooden flooring! The colors and styles of high variation laminate flooring impressively mimic the color and textures of real wood, and the price is cheaper, too!

Usually, the color schemes of high laminated flooring come from the same family palette to avoid any off colors that can make the laminate flooring appear unrealistic. However, with today’s trends, you will see bright colors incorporated into the laminate floors. It lends a unique visual signature that makes the designs quite artistic. With these high variation laminate floorings, your house is sure to look unique.

4. Whitewashed Laminate Flooring

Whitewashed Laminate Flooring

If you want your space to have a relaxed and bright vibe, whitewashed laminate flooring is the one for you. With whitewashed flooring, your room feels bigger and has a laid back, coastal look. If you live near a beach and you want to keep that vibe in your home, whitewashed laminate floors would be a great option for you!

5. Honey laminated flooring

honey laminated flooring

If you want a floor that has a bright yet warm and rich feel to it, honey laminated flooring might give you the aesthetic you dream for. Just the name for this type of laminate flooring gives you a cozy and comforting vibe.

Honey laminate flooring is perfectly balanced with a blend of light and darker tones. Throughout the years, shade trends may shift, but this warm and comforting tone will always remain a classic.

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Wrapping it up

These trends may be what’s in this year, but remember to design your home the way your heart wants it to be! If your heart chooses to hop on and try these stylish trends, then why not? Your home is your sanctuary, and you should feel safe, inspired, and cozy inside it.

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