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Vinyl flooring is one of the most popular flooring materials for both commercial and residential applications. And being one of the top vinyl suppliers in Malaysia offers a wide range of flooring solutions that fit your needs and tastes.  All it takes is a call to us! Get a free, no-obligation quote on us!

Reputable Vinyl Flooring Supplier in Malaysia

We are the top flooring supplier and contractor of everything that caters to your flooring needs. We take pride in the quality that comes with our services, guaranteeing only the best for all of our customers. From the simplest of vinyl floorings to the most complex and specific requests, we promise to deliver beyond expectations.

As the popularity of vinyl flooring rises all over the country, the demand is strong when it comes to suppliers and contractors. So who provides the most durable and long-lasting supply? We give you the simplest answer to that: it’s Flooring HQ.

We are very confident in what we offer because we have been in the industry for years, and we have become a leading vinyl flooring supplier in Malaysia.

Flooring HQ offers a range of affordable vinyl flooring and offers services from installation to repair.

All of our people have gone through the proper training and are completely well-versed in their field, which makes Flooring HQ one of the trusted providers in vinyl flooring supply.

Aside from the promise of a great finished product, Flooring HQ also has consultants and experts who can assist every step of the way. From the moment you contact us to the moment you decide which vinyl flooring is the best for you, and even on the installation itself, our experts are free to address your inquiries and help you find the right fit for you and your space.

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Why Choose Us as Your Vinyl Flooring Supplier in Malaysia?

With the increasing demand for flooring in Malaysia, there is also a rise in the suppliers and companies offering their services. What sets Flooring HQ apart from them is our transparency, ease of business, and quality services and products. 

We have an extremely diverse collection of vinyl flooring designs, whether you want vinyl roll flooring or sheet flooring, or if you want the best luxury vinyl tiles around. Whatever you seek, we have options on hand. If you’re looking for something specific that is not in our inventory, we will gladly look for similar designs or possibly even have these sourced from trusted suppliers. 

Aside from our array of designs, our rates also come at very affordable prices. We make sure that every amount spent will be worthwhile and that our products deliver on quality and design. We promise affordability, durability, and diversity, and these are only a few of those promises we make.

This is why people choose Flooring HQ. And if you are interested in checking out some of our products and services, all you have to do is call our number and a dedicated representative can attend to your needs.

How To Buy The Right Vinyl Flooring in Malaysia

One of the many concerns customers often have when buying vinyl flooring is its design. There may be numerous designs to choose from, but does a supplier have enough to cover your space?

With Flooring HQ, we help you in the decision-making process.
Based on your requirements, we can pull together collections that suit your style and which, more importantly, fit your budget. It’s important that the vinyl flooring that you choose is durable and of exemplary quality as this is intended to last for decades.

The Flooring HQ team can help narrow down the options for you and help explain the different features of different designs – from how its thickness affects the durability, to how the type of vinyl affects everyday cleaning and maintenance, among others.

This is why we recommend that you set an appointment with our Flooring HQ representative so that they can further explain and assist you in your requests.

Vinyl Flooring Malaysia

FAQs About Vinyl Flooring in Malaysia

What is vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring is a type of synthetic flooring, which is extremely durable and easy to install. There are two kinds that are often used: the vinyl roll flooring and the luxury vinyl tile planks, which come in an array of designs. 

Is vinyl flooring good?

It is highly durable and long-lasting, and if maintained correctly, can last up to more than 20 years. It is the best choice for spaces because of its scratch-resistant and stain-resistant surface.

Is vinyl flooring the same as linoleum?

Most people think they are the same, but vinyl flooring has a wider range than linoleum. Vinyl flooring does not require as much maintenance as linoleum flooring does, which makes it much more durable and a better option for those live hectic lifestyles. 

How long do vinyl floors last?

Normally, vinyl floors can last up to 20 years if taken care of properly, and possibly longer if the space has little to no foot traffic.

Do you need an underlay for vinyl flooring?

Not necessarily, no. Most vinyl floorings already have a base layer that acts as the foundation, and unless your floor has uneven spots, underlay will not be needed.

What are the benefits of vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring is not only affordable, but it is also durable, low maintenance, easy to install. It also comes in a wide variety of designs. Some suppliers can even customize patterns and prints for an additional price. 

Is vinyl flooring pet friendly?

Yes, vinyl floorings scratch and tear-resistant surface make it the most recommended type of flooring for pet owners. It is also comfortable and inexpensive.

Is vinyl flooring waterproof?

Vinyl flooring has multiple layers, which protects the overall material from damage and the like. It can withstand moisture and liquid spills of all kinds.

How do I clean vinyl floors?

There are many tips and tricks to cleaning one’s vinyl flooring, but the most common is to simply wipe up any spill or liquid immediately with a dry cloth. Consistent floor-sweeping can also help make vinyl flooring last for years and look good as new. However, avoid using brooms with hard bristles and harsh cleaning solutions that remove the protective layer of vinyl flooring. 

Is vinyl flooring scratch resistant?

Vinyl flooring has a multitude of layers made of synthetic materials. The topmost layer offers the greatest protection and is most resistant to scratching and moisture.

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