Tips for Long-Term Vinyl Flooring Care

Tips for Long-Term Vinyl Flooring Care

When it comes to flooring, a lot of owners choose vinyl for its aesthetic and durability. Adding vinyl floors to any space helps to build warmth and ambiance. Like all kinds of flooring, however, vinyl needs its own share of tender, loving care.

Worry not! Here are a few tips for long-term vinyl floor care.

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Be Strategic Regarding Vinyl Flooring

It all boils down to proper planning. When you decide to use vinyl flooring (or maybe you already have), ask yourself these questions first:

What kind of vinyl flooring do I have?

There are lot of variations of vinyl flooring; from its structure to its material composition. Inlay vinyl has multiple layers that enable a longer life span for its design or pattern. 

Some vinyl floorings are basically mats covered in vinyl paint. There are a lot of online articles on the types of vinyl floors so make sure to do your research! From there, you can already decide how to lengthen the vinyl floor’s lifespan by considering its composition.

Where am I placing the vinyl flooring?

Commercial spaces aside, most vinyl floors are found in kitchens and bathrooms in homes. Their flexibility in design allows homeowners to place them ALMOST anywhere. It is recommended, though, that vinyl floors are not exposed to too much sunlight. This will diminish the quality of its colors.

If you’re considering buying vinyl floorings for the first time, consult your supplier and feel free to ask them how to best choose and maintain your floors. Flooring HQ experts can recommend designs and types most suitable for your spaces.  

Additionally, foot traffic should also be considered when it comes to your vinyl floors. Though it affects all kinds of flooring, wear and tear happen so it is best to be prepared when it comes to your vinyl floors.

How Do I Take Care Of My Vinyl Flooring

Like any other home investment, vinyl floors require maintenance. Here are some practical ways to prolong your vinyl floors:

Protection is a must

Vinyl floors have limits despite its durability. Avoid placing heavy, unprotected objects, especially furniture with sharp bases, on your vinyl floors. The first few years may be all good but could cause creases and deformation in the long run. Be extra careful with such furniture, or at least add a covering or buffer between the object and the vinyl flooring.

Be careful with your cleaning

Some cleaning agents may contain chemicals that would wear away your vinyl floor’s color, or even the material itself! Use gentler solutions when cleaning. 

Make sure you sweep regularly and thoroughly as dust and small rocks from shoes may cause scratch damage. Use soft materials, like cloth, when scrubbing vinyl floors.

Water: friend and foe

Vinyl floors are generally low-maintenance, but too much water is bad enough for it. Water can find its way into the spaces between and within your vinyl floors. This causes damage to the vinyl’s base or adhesives, and you might find yourself taking the floor (off) the wrong way. 

Avoid placing vinyl floors with direct exposure to rain, and make sure you do not use too much water when mopping. Wipe all fluids as soon as possible!

With Great Vinyl Flooring Comes With Great Responsibility

These tips for long-term vinyl floor care, of course, depends on our unique experiences with it. Be mindful of your daily motions, and take extra caution with what you do on your vinyl floors.

To make things easier for your homes, there are luxury vinyl flooring that you place in your homes that are more durable than common types of vinyl floors. Luxury vinyl floors are durable, water-proof, and more resistant to stains.

Flooring HQ, a trusted supplier of vinyl floors in Malaysia, has a wide selection of designs. Just ask our team of experts on how to be strategic with your vinyl floors and they’ll happily recommend the types most suitable for your spaces.

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