How To Maintain Wooden Flooring

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Wooden flooring are certainly one of the most sought out floorings when designing an office space or home. It may be pricier than other materials. However, its beauty and elegance are incomparable, especially if you’re looking to build a homey, cozy ambiance. 

Not only is wood flooring durable, but they’re also very beautiful and versatile. Whether you’re going for the look of a homey chalet or modern minimalist home, wood flooring fits right in!

Wood floors certainly offer many benefits, from the beautiful look and vibe that makes it easy to mix and match with any furniture, to its durability that can span decades. If you’re thinking to change it up with a new look for your home, you can redecorate completes and the wood floors will still match your current style. However, like any type of flooring, wood needs to be kept clean and maintained

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General cleaning of wooden floors

Of course, a good way to maintain wood floors is to always keep it clean. When you don’t regularly clean your floors, dirt and dust can build up, which causes damage and makes your floors look scratched up.

When sweeping your floors, be sure to use a soft-bristled broom to avoid leaving any scratches on your wooden flooring. Hard bristles can be rough and can cause damage to your floors.

In addition, vacuuming weekly is also a good option. The broom may leave behind tiny bits of dust that the vacuum will surely pick up!

Clean up spills on the Wooden Floors immediately

Hardwood floors are very vulnerable to moisture. Even the tiniest amount of liquid can damage your floors, so make sure to immediately clean up spills.

When wiping spills, avoid using wet mops which can cause damage over time. Because of how absorbent wood is, it’s vulnerable to swelling and shrinking when coming into contact with moisture.

Prevent furniture and the like from scuffing the wooden floors

Pay attention to the items that come in contact with your floors. While there may be some types of wooden floors that are more resistant to scratching than others, furniture like tables and chairs can easily scratch your floors when dragged. To prevent damage, you can cover key areas like the dining room, living room, and bedrooms with thick rugs and carpets.

Since scratches are one of the toughest problems you’ll encounter with wood floors, installing furniture pads on the feet of your furniture could help lessen the damage to your floors. Of course, some scratches may be unavoidable but with furniture pads, it is easy to prevent a majority of them.

Another item that can damage your shiny wood floors is shoes. Shoes can scuff and scratch your floors, so be sure to avoid wearing shoes when walking on wood flooring! Opt instead to wear cotton slippers.

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Wrapping It Up

Time has its effect on all things, even your wooden floors! Over the course of a few years, your wood floors will start to look dull and its beautiful sheen may fade. There’s nothing to worry about, however, just make sure to recoat your floors every 3 to 5 years with floor finish. The time between re-coating will vary for each home, depending on how much use the floors go through.

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Wooden floors are definitely a stunning option for your household. And in the case, you do choose to get them, follow these easy steps! Wooden floors may seem like too much work at first, but with the right amount of care, you’ll be able to keep your floors looking shiny and beautiful for years on end.