Tips To Install Wooden Flooring

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Wood has always stood out as a great flooring option for a beautiful and warm home. It gives that rich yet charming feel, all while fitting well within your budget. Wooden floors never go out of style and can add value to your home, because wood can last hundreds of years.

Because of wood’s natural class and elegance, most homeowners gravitate towards it. Naturally, to cut on costs you’d want to install the floor yourself. It saves money and is a fun bonding experience for you and your housemates.

Though before proceeding with the installation of your beautiful wooden floors, keep these next few tips in mind to make sure you install your floors in the easiest and the safest way possible!

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1. Measure the Room Correctly

Before ordering your wooden floor planks, measure your room’s square footage to ensure you get the right size. Taking this precautionary measure can save you from buying the wrong kind of floors and wasting money.

When ordering the floorboards for your room, add 10-15 percent extra. By doing this, you have more boards to work with and can help you fix your mistakes. In addition, you can request your supplier to pre-cut your boards, if you don’t have tools of your own. But this requires you to be extra precise in your mapping and measurements.

2. Remove the Baseboard

Some rooms in your house may have a baseboard installed, so you should remove them before starting any installation. It’s possible to just undercut the baseboard, but it’s rather time-consuming.

To remove the baseboard, simply run a utility knife on the top edges to make sure it comes off cleanly. After, use a small pry bar to pull the baseboard off the floor with caution, to avoid any accidents.

It’s possible to re-use the baseboards, but installing wooden flooring is a good time to consider getting new baseboards, too.

3. Prepare Your Subfloor

You may be excited to finally start putting on your new and beautiful floors, but preparing your subfloor is one of the most important steps. When prepared without caution, it is possible for your floors to become damaged. Depending on the material and quality of your subfloor, the time for preparing and cleaning it can vary.

If you’re replacing flooring instead of working on a blank canvas, the process of preparing your subfloor will take longer. You’ll have to remove the old floors and make sure there are no remnants of it. After removing the flooring, do one final check to make sure there are no left behind nails and staples, and that the subfloor is even.

4. Flooring Moisture Content

Before installing your wood floors, acclimate them in the rooms where you will be installing them. Gaps and buckling may occur when going straight to installation. When ordering your wooden floors, it is best to know the moisture content at the time of delivery and what the expected moisture content should be.

Installing a paper underlay to act as a moisture barrier is recommended. Doing so and using materials such as a 6 mil polysheeting sheet can help to keep things from sliding around. Consult your local supplier before making any purchases.

5. Laying Out Your Floor Plan

The installation trends may have changed over the years, but there are two fundamentals you should always keep in mind.

  • Don’t let your floorboard joints touch each other. When distancing and measuring your floor, make sure the layout has no joints near each other to achieve that classic wood look. Some joints may look close to each other in older homes, but it is best to avoid them coming in contact.
  • Do not start nailing and pinning your floors immediately. Layout your floors first to make sure your flooring plan does not clash and to avoid any mistakes that could cost you money to fix. After ensuring that your floor lay is perfect, you may start nailing them down.

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When laying out wooden flooring, don’t rush the process. Your outcome may differ drastically when done with patience and caution. Read and understand these tips and use them to help you install your beautiful wooden flooring with ease.

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